The $1000 genome: ethical and legal issues
in whole genome sequencing of individuals

Robertson JA.
The University of Texas School of Law, USA.
Am J Bioeth. 2003 Summer;3(3):W-IF1


Progress in gene sequencing could make rapid whole genome sequencing of individuals affordable to millions of persons and useful for many purposes in a future era of genomic medicine. Using the idea of $1000 genome as a focus, this article reviews the main technical, ethical, and legal issues that must be resolved to make mass genotyping of individuals cost-effective and ethically effective. It presents the case for individual ownership of a person's genome and its formation, and shows the implications of that position for rights to informed consent and privacy over sequencing, testing, and disclosing genomic information about identifiable individuals. Legal recognition of a person's right to control his or her genome and the information that it contains is essential for further progress in applying genomic discoveries to human lives.
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