Should we select for genetic moral enhancement?
A thought experiment using the MoralKinder (MK+) haplotype

Faust HS.
Department of Family and Community Medicine,
University of New Mexico,
1260 Vallecita Drive,
87501, Santa Fe, NM, USA,
Theor Med Bioeth. 2009 Jan 9.


By using preimplantation haplotype diagnosis, prospective parents are able to select embryos to implant through in vitro fertilization. If we knew that the naturally-occurring (but theoretical) MoralKinder (MK+) haplotype would predispose individuals to a higher level of morality than average, is it permissible or obligatory to select for the MK+ haplotype? I.e., is it moral to select for morality? This paper explores the various potential issues that could arise from genetic moral enhancement.
Liberal Eugenics
Evolutionary ethics
'Artificial' evolution
Germline genetic engineering
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