Persons of lesser value - moral argument and the "final solution"
Steiner H.
Department of Government,
University of Manchester,
Manchester M13 9PL, UK.
J Appl Philos. 1995;12(2):129-41


For many persons, 'Holocaust-abomination' is a fixed point on their moral compass: if anything can be evil, it was. Yet at least one of the justifications deployed by its perpetrators (the eugenics argument) involves widely-held values concerning human health and procreation. Hence persons endorsing many current activities based on those values (e.g. genetic counselling) have been charged with being on a morally deplorable slippery slope. This paper sketches the necessary structure of a moral position capable of consistently embracing those values without placing its occupants on that slippery slope.
Evolutionary ethics
'Artificial' evolution
Psychiatry in the Third Reich
Scientific racism in Nazi Germany
Artificial insemination and eugenics
Gene therapy and performance enhancement
An overview of Autism and Asperger syndrome
Transhumanism (H+): toward a Brave New World?
Human gene therapy and slippery slope arguments

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